Upcoming PTA Sponsored Events and Important Dates



April 25 - Dining Night at Mi Cocina Lakeside

May 1-5 - Teacher Appreciation Week - Donate NOW

May 2 - Barre3 Class Fundraiser

Save the Date - May 24 - Senior Graduation Reception

2017-2018 PTA Chair Interest Form - Fill Out Now to Show Interest


World Wide Wear Bin Donations Needed

 Order Clearance Spirit Wear NOW (details below)


Volunteers Needed - Workroom, Library and VIP Tutors - details below

If you want to Volunteer or access Order Forms, please click HERE.








Join the Brinker PTA at Mi Cocina in Lakeside Market on Tuesday, April 25 anytime between 5:00 and 9:00 pm.  Please let your server know that you are with Brinker, and they will donate 15% of your total ticket, including all food and beverages, back to Brinker PTA.  We hope to see you there for this fun evening! 







While we try to let our wonderful teachers and staff know throughout the year how much we appreciate all they do, it's time for that one week of the year to shower them with extra appreciation. Our Hospitality Chair has planned a series of special events for our teachers and staff, and we will need your help with donations to make the week's activities a success. If you would like to help, please click HERE to sign up to donate items for this great week.

THANK YOU for taking the time to show our Brinker staff how much we appreciate all they do for our children!






Join the Brinker PTA for a fun and challenging workout with friends

Who: Brinker parents and/or staff
What: Barre Workout Class 
Where: Barre3 - Plano (In Target Shopping Center - next to Elizabeth's Cakes)
When: Tuesday - May 2nd -7:00 - 8:00 pm 
***There are only 25 spots in the class, so sign up now!  
Register HERE to reach Barre3's sign up for this special fund-raising event.
If May 2 fills up, we will open a 2nd fundraising class on Thurs May 4 from 7:00 -8:00 pm.  Please email Julie Pascuzzi at president@brinkerpta.org ASAP if interested.

ALL Proceeds go directly to Brinker PTA







Wed May 24th 4:30-6:00 at Brinker Elementary

Calling all Seniors who attended Brinker Elementary! Take a walk down memory lane and visit with classmates and teachers.

Wear your college shirts!

Click HERE to see flyer.







Are you considering a PTA role for the 2017-2018 school year but not sure which one?  Please REVIEW the list of PTA Chair positions by clicking HERE or under the Orders/Volunteering tab at brinkerpta.org and let us know where you would like to volunteer.  
  • If you have not held a chair role before, please review the options and select those that you feel passionate about chairing.  
  • If you have already been in a PTA role for 1 year and want to serve again, that is an option.  
  • If you have served for 2 years in a role, it is time to make a change. There are lots of other opportunities to serve.  
Our new PTA President will be filling all the PTA Chairs once she reviews this feedback.  Thank you for your help!







Thank YOU for using your voice to back the future of Texas children and ensure public funds are used for public schools, not vouchers!  To view the details, please click HERE.








Did you know that Brinker has a World Wide Wear bin right behind the school? As you clean out your closets this year, please consider putting your clothing and shoe donations in the large blue “World Wide Wear” bin located right behind Brinker. So convenient and easy and Brinker PTA gets paid by the pound for the collected monthly donations!  We received over $350.00 from World Wide Wear last year from Brinker family clothing donations!  Let’s make it another great year! 







*Formally known as Nike Marathon Kids

 Brinker Marathon shirts are here! There is still plenty of time for you to earn your miles. Print the marathon tracker, run 26.2, fill in the miles on your sheet and bring it to the coaches! Keep on running!   


A running/walking program to encourage children to stay active!  Past years, this program has been called Nike Marathon Kids - one of the students FAVORITE programs at Brinker!


Past years at Brinker, the Nike Marathon Kids was offered to schools as a free program sponsored by Nike.  This year, the Nike Marathon Kids program started charging schools a fee per student which has made their program cost prohibitive.  The good news is through the support of Brinker PTA, Brinker PE coaching team is able to create their own running/walking club – Brinker Marathoners - at a much lower cost for Brinker.  The Brinker Marathon Club will continue to be completely free for Brinker students.  


YES!  We are excited that with the Brinker Marathoners Club, students are able to earn miles at school AND AT HOME!  A Mileage Log will be sent home with your child.  Here are some new guidelines for the program:

  • Although biking, swimming and team sport are wonderful exercise, this program is dedicated to running/walking in measureable distances. We cannot estimate mileage in games.
  • Upon reaching their first marathon miles (26.2), students get a new Brinker Marathoners logo t-shirt and a shoe on the wall in the cafeteria with their name on it.
  • Students can earn rewards for up to 3 marathons.
  • For every 10 miles run/walked students will earn the jogging foot token to go on their shoes laces along with a PE certificate.


  • Begin earning miles right away by walking, jogging or running in small increments. Walk the dog, walk to school, take a morning jog on the weekends, take a walk through Arbor Hills Park. Make it fun for your kids!
  • Help your child record run/walk miles at home on their Mileage Log form. Parents must sign the Mileage Log form for miles at home to count towards their total miles and to receive awards.


Contact your PE team by signing up for Bloomz (see info below) Brinker’s new and convenient communication tool with parents so you can stay informed about what’s happening at Brinker!  Or email Coach Stanford at jennifer.stanford@pisd.edu or Coach Jimison at carmelita.jimison@pisd.edu

Brinker PE would like you to join your student’s class on Bloomz

Join using a web browser (from your phone or computer)

 1. Go to net and click “Join Bloomz”

 2. In the text box, enter:

SBCFUA – for K-2nd grade student

2WKBC8 – for 3rd – 5th grade student

 3.Create your account

Join using text messaging

 1. Text @SBCFUA - for K-2nd grade student

Or @2WKBC8 – for 3rd – 5th grade student

to 1-858-BLOOMZ1 (1-858-256-6691)

 Need help with Bloomz app? Go to support.bloomz.net or Email at support@bloomz.net


Click on the links below for important documents related to the event: 








Spirit Wear Clearance Inventory is available to order by clicking HERE or log in to brinkerpta.org and find the order form under the Orders/Volunteering section. Sizes and quantities are limited so don't wait!

Order online anytime and your order will be delivered to your oldest child's classroom. 








One of the easy and flexible ways to volunteer at Brinker is in our Teacher Workroom. Every week, our teachers could use extra hands to help behind the scenes, preparing assignments and projects for their classes. Brinker volunteers can help by taking some of these additional tasks off of our teachers. The Teacher Workroom is currently in need of more volunteers to keep up with the requests.  We need at least 4-5 volunteers each week to help our teachers with this work.

If you can count to 28, use a paper cutter, tear out pages from a workbook and staple, then the Brinker Workroom needs you!  This time will be spent on work assignments and projects for all grade levels, including PACE and Special Education. Some projects can even be done at home.  All instructions and supplies are provided. The Brinker Workroom is located inside the library and is available each week, Tuesday through Friday (7:30am-2:45pm). To volunteer, go to the Orders/Volunteering tab on the Toolkit and look for the Teacher Workroom volunteer form. You can choose dates that work with your personal schedules.

This is a great opportunity to see what our children are learning and give a helping hand to our wonderful teachers! The Brinker staff is so appreciative of this extra help! If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact workroom@brinkerpta.org






We have lots of openings for the fall library volunteer schedule. Volunteer timeslots cover 1-2 classes, and you would be helping to check-in/check-out and shelve books. It’s a great way to see your child at school! A few of our timeslots are completely full, but others have some days with no volunteers at all.

You can sign up on by clicking HERE to find the 2016-2017 Library Volunteer form. For any questions, please e-mail library@brinkerpta.org.




Brinker's VIP Program is an awesome, fun way for parents, grandparents or community members to volunteer and help our students directly.  You commit half an hour a week to assist a student who needs a little extra support in math and/or reading, as well as boosting the student’s confidence in their academics. If you choose to sign up to volunteer, you will submit your available days and times you can be at Brinker to tutor within the school day. You may select whether you prefer to work with the younger or older grades and whether you prefer to tutor in reading or math. 


You do not need to be a teacher or a former teacher to be able to tutor. The students’ teachers will provide you with the assignments and information that needs to be worked on for each tutoring session. If you are the least bit interested, please contact viptutors@brinkerpta.org.


 VIP Training is Wednesday, September 28, at 9:00 a.m. in the cafeteria.


Please note that with any volunteer position in Plano ISD, a volunteer form and background check must be completed prior to beginning that position. This can be completed by going to www.pisd.edu/volunteer. There is also a short, required training session to insure you are comfortable with what is being asked of you. For those that are available and interested in taking part, I hope to hear from you soon! Tutoring begins in October as soon as we can assign students to volunteers, and runs through the beginning of May.






Hello amazing Brinker Elementary PTA Leaders,
Your efforts have led to some amazing milestones and I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you!
First, your PTA is one of 452 that earned the Head Start Award. Congratulations! By recruiting 75% of last year’s total membership, you are well on your way to having one voice for every child on your campus -- and the school year has just begun!
The other milestone that you made possible is unprecedented -- Texas PTA membership growth in August. This is especially significant since we are in the midst of a legislative year and every member counts when we advocate to make every child’s potential a reality at the Capitol. School funding will once again be in jeopardy and we want to send a powerful message to Legislators. 
The Early Bird and many other membership awards are well within your reach. The next award deadline is September 30. PTAs must submit membership rosters and dues for at least 100% of the previous year’s total membership. I am confident that you won't stop until you have one member to represent every child on your campus. Visit http://www.txpta.org/my-pta/awards/ to learn about each opportunity and their deadlines.
Your Head Start award emblem is a badge of honor we encourage you to showcase loud and proud! Share it in your PTA emails, on your social media channels and your PTA’s website. Notify your school district of the distinguished honor and keep in contact with them throughout the year.
Wishing you continued success,
 Lisa Holbrook
Texas PTA President
Estimados líderes de Brinker Elementary PTA,
Sus esfuerzos obtuvieron resultados que superaron los requisitos para el Premio Head Start.
En primer lugar, su PTA es uno de los 452 que ganaron el Premio Head Start. ¡Felicidades! Al reclutar 75% de membresía total del año pasado, usted está en camino de tener una voz para cada niño en su escuela y el año escolar acaba de comenzar.
El otro resultado que usted ha hecho posible es un crecimiento de miembros de Texas PTA para el mes de agosto. Esta medida es particularmente importante ya que estamos en medio de un año legislativo y cada miembro cuenta cuando estamos abogando por hacer el potencial una realidad de todos los niños en el Capital. La financiación escolar estará de nuevo en peligro y queremos enviar un mensaje poderoso a todos los legisladores de Texas.
La próxima fecha límite de premio es el 30 de septiembre, cada PTA debe presentar su lista de membrecía y cuotas para el 100% o más de membresía total del año anterior. Estoy seguro que no dejará hasta obtener un representante de cada niño en su escuela. Visita http://www.txpta.org/my-pta/awards/ para aprender acerca de cada oportunidad de premios para su PTA.
Su emblema de premio Head Start es una medalla de honor. ¡Le animamos que demuestre su trabajo fuerte y orgulloso! Compártalo en su correo electrónico de PTA, en sus canales de comunicación sociales y la página web de su PTA. Informe a su distrito escolar del premio que ha recibido. Recuerde de mantener contacto con su distrito escolar durante todo el año.
Les deseo un año exitoso,
Lisa Holbrook
Presidente de Texas PTA


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Join the Brinker PTA for 2016-2017! 

Please join us as a member of the PTA for the 2016-2017 school year. By joining for the first time or renewing your membership each year, the PTA is able to provide student programs to help make every child's potential a reality.  We encourage all parents, grandparents, staff, and community members to join the Brinker PTA. PTA Membership does not require volunteering or any kind of time commitment. We only ask that you help support the programs and events that we provide for ALL students, ALL staff and ALL families throughout our community. If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Chair at membership@brinkerpta.org.  Click here or on the "Be PTA" image to join now.




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